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The Basics of Managing People and Projects

Project Management no longer applies just to certain areas of large corporations. Project management has become a necessity to even the smallest of businesses.   From an entrepreneur selling lemonade on a street corner to an enterprise process re-engineering project, all can benefit from pm principles.   With the growing trend toward accelerated change, the use of project management has expanded exponentially in today's business market.   The question now is not if one needs Project Management, but what do we need and how do we make it work for us. With this class Practical Solutions can help you take your first steps into project management practice or review your current application for efficiency and effectiveness.


PM Fundamentals Webinar - LIVE On Line PM1002

We are offering this class by Webinar (PM1002). The material is presented by an instructor on line with live question periods and feedback. Practice tests and example problems are worked through with on-line white board. The webinar schedule is 4 weekday evenings, three hours per session (7-10pm), one week for 12 PDU/CDUs.  Please check PSS registation (below) for current on-line sachedule. if you have custom schedule requirements, please contact PSS.


Workshop Objectives

The focus of this class is to understand the basic needs for planning projects and the steps of how to do it. The class will not implement a specific methodology. Project management is more, and less, than that. There are simple steps that can be taken that will result in immediate project efficiency improvements. We will help you find the right mix of process and common sense to maximize your organization's operations.



Define and understand basic terminology of the Project management profession


Determine scope, prioritise triple constraints, create a WBS


Work with network diagrams and schedules


Consider cost estimates and project budgeting


Perform basic risk assessment, responsibility matrix


Define project communications and their importance


Discuss the necessity for team building and motivation


Figure out how to make project management work in your organization


Project Management is not magic, but it is hard work. We'll help you get started. We will speak in plain english and give you the tools to accomplish your PM goals.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who currently or who will work on projects; department heads and team leaders who wish to implement planning; and control processes and those new to team and project activity.

Any project manager looking to return to return to the basics and needs PDUs

Course Information

Course Number: PM1002
Education hours: CDU/PDUs = 12 for 4 day/ 3 hour sessions
Cost: $500


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